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Struck Dead

Andrea Kane

March 2024 978-1-68232-063-1


The fragile line between life and death... Families that will never be the same...

When a tragic hit-and-run takes the life of a hardworking family man, multi-millionaire Christopher Hillington becomes the prime suspect, and the whole city of New York alights with speculation as to what happened.

But before the NYPD can establish Hillington's guilt, he himself is brutally murdered in his own home. As he lays dying, he scrawls the name Casey Woods with his own blood, and the Forensic Instincts team is drawn into a complex mystery that has placed its president in the sights of a desperate killer.

A millionaire's life is full of secrets and suspects. So as the baffled NYPD investigates Casey for the murder, and the body-count ratchets up, Casey herself becomes another potential victim. The FI team's hardcore investigation has them twisting and turning through suspects and secrets, where the stakes intensify--and so does the collateral damage. As Casey and the team get closer to finding the killer, the unthinkable happens, and the life of one of FI's own hangs in the blood-stained balance.

They say dead men tell no tales, but blood doesn't lie. Peeling back layer after layer of deception, the team will cross whatever lines are necessary to solve the case, get justice for the families, and make their team whole again...unless the relentless killer gets to them first.


Casey Woods, the president of Forensic Instincts, stood at the head of the oval table, her jaw having dropped. She pressed her iPhone closer to her ear and tried to reconcile herself, both to who the caller was and the reason for her call.

She certainly didn’t sound like the Angela King that Casey knew. And why in the name of heaven was she reaching out to Casey, of all people?

Angela repeated her original demand: “I need you to meet me now—as in drop everything and get over here.” This time her voice was commanding but shaken.

Shaken? Angela King?